We Grew Up

A child holding hands with her parents.

We Grew up, and we realized medicine isn’t a fruit juice

We Grew up, and we realized who leaves us from loved ones and family, will never come back as mom said,

We Grew up to find our problems can no longer be solved by a piece of candy or a dress, or a handbag,

We Grew up to realize our parents can’t hold our hands always to cross the road or go through life

We Grew up to learn behind mom’s smile a thousand tear, and behind dad’s strength and love a thousand worry and thousand illness

We learned mom and dad strictness was love, and their anger was love, and their punishment was love

We Grew up and realized we didnt grow alone, but our parents grew with us too and they are close to leaving us, or already left us

Sorry Pythagoras, My Parents are the hardest Equation.

Sorry Newton, My Parents are the secret of gravity

Sorry Edison, My Parents are the first light in my life

Sorry Plato, My Parents are my favorite spot in my heart

Sorry Rome, all roads lead to loving my Parents

Sorry my beloved ones, no matter how much i loved you, it wont and will never be as much as i love my parents, they will never be repeated in this life.

Thank you Dad, because I am your Daughter and you are my Father ❤

Thank you Mom, because you are my Mother ❤ and I am your Daughter

{Say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word} Surah Al-Isra [23]