chapter 5 : food ?? Count me in !

So today was the opening of new branch for one of our partner companies ” Cafe Italia ” and we were invited to taste their food for FREE ! that’s my childhood Dream come true ! i always watched these tv shows where there is judges trying out food and giving their opinions ! “let me be you please !” … wish granted miss !

I had Pizza while my sister had pasta … what we didn’t know, that was just the start .. as dishes kept coming to our table, for us to taste.

when we were done “or thought we were done” Cafe manager ordered some sweets for us to taste  :”> freeze the moment please ❤


The food was Wonderful, the Staff were amazingly Friendly, its a must go and try ❤

Thank you my job, i’m loving you more and more everyday

Chapter 4 : busy ? hurrah !

bypinky has the day come ? aye !! Finally i was given few tasks that kept me busy during the day. i never thought the feeling of accomplishing something would be this sweet ❤ today as well i got my first phone call addressed to me 😀 tiny things that can brighten my day.

i wonder if these things will still make me happy later on, or do people get tired of em? i hope not, that would be sad.

chapter 3 : The Me – part 1


A little about me, I’m a law student, doing my masters in public law, while working as operations executive for fashion brands.

some would think what does fashion have to do with law ? i thought so too, but it turned out law is like an octopus that extends its arms everywhere !

so after all, i still had to go back to check articles regarding commercial license, registering a trade mark,labor laws and lots more.

but that didn’t fully take the fun part 🙂 i still had to go to malls and check if store staff are following the visual instructions of placing products.

everyday I’m learning a bit more about my work, hoping that one day i understand it fully.

Chapter 1 : Lost in my New job

imagesAfter one week of working, i still have vague vision on what i’m supposed to be doing ?

I started this blog, arranged my desk, threw old papers that belonged to the person who used to sit on this office,

i even made a new address book on Excel.

am i missing something ? everyone around me seems to have something to do, a task to be done.

the need of task is growing with each passing minute, when will i be part of the “actual” working staff ?

how long am i going to be an outsider, with no clear tasks to be done ?


“you are an open book, i can totally understand you” haven’t we heard that a lot ? or maybe we heard it the other way around, “you are like a closed book, i don’t get you”

doesn’t that makes our lives as a book ? filled with chapters and lessons ?

if so, then shouldn’t we type it down ?

and that’s why i’m starting this blog, i want to remember myself and my life, as time goes by 🙂