Warm Hands


I miss holding your hands while helping you walk up the stairs.

I miss watching you lance your finger for blood sugar test,

Me: doesnt that hurt ! doing that 2-3 times per day

Dad ‘smiling bravely’ : its nothing, i got used to it, it doesnt hurt anymore

I miss helping you wear your socks and then holding your hand for balance while you put on your shoes.

I miss watching you write a prayer on wall with your finger before traveling out of country

It always gave me the impression of enchanting the house with a protection spell to protect us while you are away

What i would do just to hold your warm hands again Dad ❤


The Last Brick

2 years later and i’m still no near the answers i was seeking,

With every passing day a brick falls between me and the beholder of answers

Today the last brick has fallen into place, creating an unbreakable wall

Softly without pain the joy is over
Though why it’s gone will neither of us know

I think this is really a goodbye, time to turn around and walk another path.

Beholder of Answers, i pray our paths never cross again.


Heart full of Lies

Extending my hand, reaching my phone, snoozing the alarm off.

Holding my hands up, looking at them closely, those slender fingers

Drifting back in memories, remembering the sense of a rapid heart beats

sourceWhen did your heart learn how lie? Why go that far in a lie? What did i miss?

Wont you answer? wont you move those damn lips and speak?

Or does your lips only know how to spout lies?