D : Dad

Subject : D : daddy “erases last 2 letters”

I stare at my screen with loss of words ..

Dad ? where to start? my huge love for you cant be described..

Should i start with our exchange of funny imojis on whatsapp.. you’ve always loved the ghost imoji..

Or should i start with our nights watching the candid camera .. the same episode over and over and yet laughing as if its the first time watching it .. you’ve always loved repeating their lines..

Or how about going back 15 years ago, where you would play the classical guitar CD, while driving us to aramco, you really loved track 2..

“tightness in my throat”

I remember your hand signing cheques on hospital bed, back then i thought how your signature seemed so light, so weak..only to learn you have left us few hours after..

I wish i knew that was the last time i feel your warmth…in this life

I would’ve hugged you longer, and told you repeatedly how you were my superhero, my king, my everything..




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