Page 24 : Lettuce

9f9090451e91b766a4336d9b8341cacdIronic :

2 weeks ago my friend (head of projects) told me “your boss shouldn’t worry from you, it would take you 10-15 years of experience before you take his position (As GM)”

At that moment my focus was only devoted into picking out the lettuce from my breakfast sandwich, so didn’t give much attention to what my friend said.

few days ago, CEO called and asked if i would be willing to take more responsibilities, of course this time, i did not repeat last year mistake, and confidentially told him “yes sure” !

1 day after, my boss resigned, and an announcement was made that i’m taking over !

Everyone at company was in shock, how can a person with 1 year and half experience get promoted into becoming the next General Manager?

At that moment a vague memory appeared of myself picking out lettuce, while ignoring the voice of my friend underestimating me.

Dear Lettuce,

i think we can officially say we have reached a new milestone 🙂





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