Page 23 : Codes and Ciphers

As i was surfing the facebook, an add attracted me “crack this code to win a ticket to a conf….” <- faded, because my focus remained on the challenge, the reward didn’t matter.

saving the link, opening my excel sheet and posting the code there.


 A girl has a mission ! “even though i was still at work”, i started the basic simple decoding methods i knew “i have used couple on my previous posts”, but none was matching

OK, of course it wont be as easy as i expected, rushing back to site checking the due date, 6th of October (Phew .. i have time).

few hours later i was drained out of thoughts..


but then i found 2 books talking about it and i learned few things, such as :

codes = replacing words

cipher = replacing of letters

and so far i have cracked 5% .. hopefully i crack the rest soon !


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