Black Page

697a924ae826165d1fd34e93c8d4d3dasomething I’ve heard a while ago .. 

That’s fine for most people, what if I am one of those who doesn’t? what might look peaceful from the outside, does not necessary reflect the internal mental state of the person.

At this point you know, I’ve got 2 choices, either I actually go through with it, or I say ye know what, i’m too scared right now, I don’t want to do it.

If I go through it I die, as I must at some point, if I don’t go through with it, my choice is essentially to suffer and to inflect suffer on my family, and then die.

Possibly in a way that is considerley more stressful and painful this way.

I’ve got death I’ve got suffering and death,

Well gee ye know, this makes a whole lot of sense to me

I am dying, there is no sense in trying to deny that fact, in all my conviction, That the end of my long journey through life is rather close, rather surprisingly I find that I feel much the way I imagine the immigrants to America must have felt in the 19th century.

I cannot stay where I am now, and I embark on a journey to a destination of which I have only heard the vaguest rumors.

The fact that I know the date, I’m supposed to die, simply makes definite what was previously indefinite and unknown. But it’s still the case that, the only thing you´ve got, is this second. Right now I’m alive, and if I can enjoy what I’m doing now, if I can feel that it is worthwhile, that’s really all I can ask of it.

~~Craig Ewert


3 thoughts on “Black Page”

  1. Your blog is so exciting to read. I enjoyed the posts I were able to finish in my lunch break.
    It is truly unique and this one is my favorite.

    I would love a visit and feedback to my blog whenever you have the time.


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