Page 9 : Multi-Tasking


9 am : visiting ladies fashion stores and checking their visual merchandise.

12 pm : attending 2 urgent meetings with chefs.

8 Pm : shooting a sport store advertisement

10 Pm : meeting Junior chefs and checking restaurant kitchens.


How did it become this complicated ?

first i was in charge of 13 lovely ladies (stylists) working in fashion store, and now I’m in charge of chefs, commis, stewards, servers, waitresses, waiters etc. ( +70)

and was given the task to shoot and edit the advertisement for a sister company to ours which deals with sports.

receiving emails regarding coffee, burnt oven, gloves, chef recruitment .. i cant help but giggle like a teenage to myself.


It very different from my field (fashion) but a very interesting field.

Meanwhile at home after breaking the news to my mom.

she laughed and said : Do you find that good news ?

Me : Yes.

Mama : then that’s all that matter.

🙂 and i agree, that’s all that matter.


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