Page 5 : Escape

holding my shoulder and massaging it along with the neck, listening to ” i did it, mama” while checking flights. which become a habit, i know going to Honolulu is 18 hours by air, 1 stop, and i know going to Bora Bora is 1 day 8 hours by air, +3 stops, and Turks and Caicos is 22 hours away, 2 stops.

opening the -leave request template file- which i memorized by now, and which already has my details saved, only dates are left blank.

This time I’m going to do it !

*phone rings* looking at phone screen ( Mama Love ), i hesitate before answering it wondering what mischief did i cause this time.

mama : give me your university professor number.

me : what ? what happened ? why ?

mama : the secretary called your sister, the professor reported you haven’t updated him with your master thesis, he might request assigning another professor for you.

me : (thinking how I’ve been delaying it everyday) no mom, i will contact him and explain how i was caught up with work, don’t worry!

closing the travel request, and flight site, seems it will be another day. again



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