Page 3 : Use your Imagination

Ever since i was young, i loved watching barney the dinosaur, As he would always tell us to use our imagination.

And so, that turns out to be really useful in many cases :

1- I can sleep anywhere, anytime ; i always use my imagination for a bed time story and in less than 2 minutes i fall asleep.

2- Get  rid of boredom at work; by imagining all the things i want to do or have, even if its impossible, such as owning a polar bear.

“I have to confess tho, i did send couple of emails to pet stores asking them if they sell polar bears, bears, pandas” sadly no one got back to my email.

3- When I’m very sad, or angry, i always imagine myself as a hero, doing something random, crazy “which i end up doing” and then regret it 😀

Thank you Barney, for teaching us there are no limits to our imaginations.




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