And I was there, alone in the middle of the space, floating in the universe itself. I was nothing else than the center of all galaxies colapsed, nothing else than time and space, flesh and bone. Caught beneath them looks of misery, I could smell the smoke emanating from her beheaded body, with the dream of Jupiter and the beauty of Pluto, who danced around us at the time.

I remember the fresh smell of the years, who passed so close to me that I could look at them even with my eyes closed. I could hear the wind blowing, I could feel the old of the trees of earth, and the green of them leaves, the days, the months, the years.

Suddenly I owned my body and my faith again, just to know that something were brewing inside of me. Everything were like it was supposed to be, because slowing the unavoidable is nothing more than slow down the moment, the living, the waking up at take care of that real being.

Some days I feel like everything were only one, but everything makes sense, when your thoughts are the same, even if you’re sober, awake, or sleep..

When you smile, you’re so…

International Poetry Day
21st of March, 2016

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