Chapter 58 : How to use :


pens will leave permanent marks on most surfaces and materials, however, immediately washing the area with a stain remover may give good results. Always protect children’s clothes and the surrounding floor etc.

Store horizontally. if the colour becomes less intense, store the pen vertically with the tip pointed down for 12 hours and the colour will revive. keep at room temperature.

I find it very funny to include “how to use-guide” with regular pens. but i guess that’s Ikea sense of humor, like when they add 2 extra nails just to mess up with you.

However i did learn something from the guide : d9443690c721538586258384c195360a

English : Pen

Nederlands : Pennen

Norsk : Pennene

Svenska : Pennorna

Italiano : Pennarelli

Islenska : Tusspennarnir


😀 seems like languages are competing who makes the word longer ! and Islenska “Icelandic” wins !



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