Night Emotions

247228053_640Your only companion at night is your mind. during the day you are busy with activities, job, housework, studies, or just surrounded by people. which suppresses your thoughts.

So when you lie down at night, after a long hectic day, its only you and your brain. And your brain will play the day’s activities back, just like a recorder. allowing you to analyse every activity all over again, whether its a happy\sad\normal day..

However, at night, you are only reminded of those hurting or terrifying events of past which you try to escape, you are always avoiding hurtful situations and waiting for it to vanish on its own, little you know it will hunt you when daylight fades and world is silent, no body to disturb you. You and your solitude.

That’s when night drowns you in a black hole, and all of a sudden you feel depressed and emotional.


All the pretending in daytime is gone, you are not strong, you are not stone hearted, you are not bold.

So when all that pretend is gone, you break .. break down to your weak self, and you know deep inside, how fragile, sensitive your heart is.

Longing and waiting for someone to acknowledge it, someone to see through you, and to love you, when you are not hiding behind your arrogant mask during the day.

Someone to hear you.


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