Letter of Apology


My Dear Wizard, 

I sat the alarm twice at 11:30 pm then 1 am for a chance to catch you and clear matters out, but with failure, due to reasonable matters that was out of our control, its been dragged for a while.

I’d like to apologize for my previous behavior, I’m never like that, not with family nor with friends and defiantly not with ye.

I’m truly sorry, I got used to ye as a wizard, reading right through me, expecting ye to do so all the time (i shouldn’t)

So, what you considered therapeutic, was actually my “ICECREAM” moment, and i expected you to acknowledge it, even if with a white lie, i would’ve hold on to it, but ye didn’t, and that’s why it all went wrong.

I am very sorry i should’ve known better, and not blame ye for that. tumblr_llzcrm4tl61qfhlgt

Edited entry at 31 May 2016 : its been 5 months since this post, sadly i dont think this reached you out, or maybe you loved to pretend you have not read it, or maybe .. maybe .. etc. this etc stops here and now. i will not find you excuses or myself excuses.

I need to let go.


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