Chapter 41: Serendipity

2b310c6503a0565b86354caefba1d40c2 hours writing my list to do\take before my flight,

another 2 hours staring at ceiling hoping my bag will arrange itself.

before i know it, i stayed up all night and its time to go to work, worked for half day and left early to get ready and leave to airport.

on my way to airport i remembered i forgot to read my list to do\take. and found out i forgot my toothbrush…

after 50 minutes standing in queue at airport, the agent takes my passport and ticket and disappears, 5 minutes later  “i’m sorry ma’am you need to speak to your agent who booked your flight, you cant get on this one”.

My company’s Travel agent : I’m sorry there’s been a mistake, no flights today\tomorrow. only day after tomorrow. “applause”.

on my way to home all i could think about is ” at least i can get my toothbrush this time” .. serendipity indeed 😀



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