Chapter 30 : Admitting Mistakes

images (1)  Committing a mistake and arguing strongly in defense, then evidence proves i was wrong. with a lot of people involved. what to do ?


Feel a bit ashamed, try to fight one more time even though i know i’m wrong which then makes my argument weak, since my inner self knows i’m at fault


Have a straight face, admit it was a mistake, and moving forward knowing no one is perfect, and we’re no angels.

and have 0 feelings of being ashamed.

To be honest, if it was a year ago i would’ve gone with Option 1, but today i was able to admit my mistake, and move on offering a solution. without feeling any bit of embarrassment\shame\anger\… etc.

Dear Myself,

That was tough on you, with many watching, and with you having such huge ego.

Well done, I’m proud.


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