Chapter 13 : 3 days Special

collage2Day 1 : only 1 week left, till the 30 days ends (resignation duration) of my co-worker, leaving me alone with the logistic and manager. i begged for work and now I’m assigned to do 4 persons jobs :

1\ Operation                       2\ Marketing

3\ Admin                            4\ HR

I will have to start learning everything from her!

Day 2 :

In the process of learning, i finally did my first Daily Sales Report ( took me 2 hours ) was happy i finished it on time, but then it turned out there was 3 other daily reports to be done.

Day 3:

Today i shall learn how to make the Hourly Sales report, which i was warned in advance, its going to be pain.

Conclusion :

Microsoft Excel .. I see you everywhere

Life is Ironic .. i studied Law to stay away from numbers .. now all i do is related to numbers


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