chapter 8 : Twinkle twinkle

Today had my first legal case, although i had to read Singapore laws, but i was happy when i got it solved and my manager Approved of my legal advice, telling me ‘ Very Good ‘

but that and few other matters took all my time, couldn’t finish my university assignment, or my thesis. and didn’t get my lunch break :'< not my food plz !

my university Doctor had a disappointed look in his eyes like – why ? – when i told him next week i’ll hand him my assignments and research. fionna_sleep_by_vika01-d5kyqek

Tired, Exhausted, feeling a bit down, yet its just my third week at work,

i hope nothing else gets affected

Twinkle, twinkle, little star “ how I wonder what you are “ up above the world so high “ like a diamond in the sky


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